How to connect your Infusionsoft account to lead ads

Once you have signed up to Driftrock, getting your FB lead ad leads to sync automatically into Infusionsoft is super simple.

Head over to, and click Leads to log into your Lead Response account.

The first step, before you create your lead list, is to enable the real-time sync with your Facebook page. This will enable Driftrock Lead Response to pull the leads and send them to Infusionsoft. It's important to note that your data is fully hashed (SHA-256), so no PII data is ever exposed.

Click Settings from the left hand menu.

You will now see a list of Facebook pages that you have access to. Please note, in order to enable the real-time sync, you need to be an Administrator of the Facebook page that the lead lists are attached to. 

If this is an issue for you e.g. company policy doesn't allow you to be an admin, then you could request that they give you temporary admin privileges, at least until you have activated the real-time sync.

All you need to do now is to click the green slider for the relevant Facebook page, shown in the Realtime column.

Once you have done this, you are now ready to create your lead list, and to setup the Infusionsoft integration.

Click Create a new Lead List.

Now give your Lead List a meaninful name, and tick Facebook lead ads.

The next screen is where you will select the Facebook page that your leads are attached to, and also the Facebook lead form that your leads are being collected in. Alternatively, you can Create new form, if you don't have a lead form setup yet.

On the following screen, you can create optional data transformations.

Derived attributes let you transform your lead data based on rules of your choosing. Simply enter a name for the new field, specify which field its value should be derived from, and then enter a list of rules to set up the mapping between the two.

Now you will select your CRM, which in this instance is Infusionsoft.

Once you select Infusionsoft, you will be sent to the Infusionsoft website, and prompted to enter your login details. Follow the on screen prompts, and complete the process.

Below the CRM selection is where you define your CRM attributes. This is where you map the fields you receive from Facebook to what Infusionsoft expects.

On the left put the fields that Infusionsoft expects to receive and on the right the Facebook form value that this represents. For example:

If you need a list of the Infusionsoft field names, you can find them here. Just click "Contact" on this page:

To see a list of the relevant Facebook field id's and correct formatting, check out:

Now click Finish, and your lead list is ready to go. You can now start your campaigns, and sending leads to Infusionsoft!

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