About the campaign

Secret Escapes negotiates exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad, at up to 70% off the price you'd pay by booking anywhere else. Members gain access to exclusive offers for luxury hotels and holidays that can't be beaten anywhere else online.

Working together with TGRT Digital and Driftrock, the goal was to test whether Facebook lead ads could be used to make it easier for people to sign up the the platform, whilst driving down the cost per signup.

The approach

Secret Escapes used Facebook lead ads to allow customers to signup for access to the platform directly from Facebook, rather than through a landing page. 

Working with Driftrock, Secret Escapes were able to push new signups through lead ads directly to the Secret Escapes API. This way, when a Facebook user completed a lead ad, they were automatically registered to the secret escapes website, and could start receiving their exclusive discounts. 

During the experiment TGRT Digital tested both traditional landing page signups vs the new lead ads approach. 

The results

The lead ad strategy outperformed the website conversion strategy significantly: 

  • Cost per signup was 52% cheaper with lead ads compared to the landing page.
  • For the same reach, we saw a 2X increase in signups.
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