Back in the earlier days of Facebook Lead Ads, BMW worked with Driftrock to test and scale lead generation through Test Drive and Brochure Request enquiries. As an always-on strategy, the goal was to test the impact of Facebook lead ads as a scalable ad format, whilst maintaining BMW’s creative excellence and customer experience. 

The approach

In order to use Facebook lead ads BMW needed the full range of Driftrock lead ads solutions for this campaign, with everything from custom form journeys, CRM integration and reporting. 

Custom form journey

In order to provide customers with the best possible experience, BMW required form journeys to include a local dealer search, advanced opt-out options and detailed legal information. 

Whilst Facebook lead ads forms provide customers with a fast, easy-to-use form journey, BMW worked with Driftrock to build a custom Continued Flow journey to add these additional required features. 

Data transformation and mapping to CRM

BMW made use of Driftrock’s lead ads custom CRM integrations UI, to deliver leads as fast as possible. 

We first added data transformation rules, for example “BMW 3 Series” transforming to the model_id for the 3 Series.

Transforming lead ads data with Driftrock Lead Response

We then used our mapping features to make sure the right data gets sent to the correct fields in the CRM. 

Mapping lead ads data to CRM fields with Driftrock Lead Response

Driftrock pushes leads to clients CRM systems as soon as they arrive using the lead ads subscription API, as well as providing a 10-minute backup sync to make sure no leads are lost.  

Heat mapping and reporting

BMW were keen to analyse the locations leads were generated for various models of car. For example, electric vs diesel variations. To solve this Driftrock built our Live Leads technology that overlays leads for each model on an interactive map.

The results

The iconic German car manufacturer reduced its cost per lead by 56% and saw a 2.8 times increase in leads when it switched to Facebook lead adverts.

These were fantastic results for BMW. Their impressive performance ensured that Facebook lead ads continue to play a key role in BMW's lead generation strategy. The brand has since rolled our similar campaigns for other BMW series.

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