Reaching people at the perfect moment in time is crucial to engage with your audience in the right context, and provides a chance to get really creative with ads.

At Driftrock we love thinking of smart ways of using real world data to get better results from digital marketing campaigns. In this post we're going to show you how BMW UK is using real-time weather data to trigger their latest Facebook advertising campaigns, using our technology to reach people at the perfect moment.

Back in December, BMW UK launched a new video advert promoting the xDrive system, a four wheel drive system found in several of their car models. A Facebook video ad campaign was planned by BMW and their agencies, and in order to showcase the power of xDrive in adverse road (and weather) conditions, they came to us for some help with applying weather conditions to those Facebook ads.

Working with the brand and their agencies, we set them up with our tool Triggers so they could easily create rules to operationalise this. Triggers takes real time data from all locations all around the world (such as weather) and applies simple conditional rules to pause and play Facebook ads and/or Adwords campaigns, depending on the conditions you set.

The campaign

The Facebook campaign consists of three creative variations of the ad, with the same video ad but different copy, appropriate for each type of weather as can be seen below.

The three versions of the Facebook video ad are running in over 10 cities across England and Scotland, and are being triggered in each location whenever it is raining, snowing or just clear weather. This can be easily monitored in real time with the Campaign Map on Triggers, and with the trigger logs.

The results

BMW UK were able to achieve outstanding results with this weather-triggered campaign: ~30% uplift in engagement when snowing, a 16:1 Return on Investment and video views for under 3p.

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