At Driftrock we are constantly looking for innovative ways to drive the best results for our customers. In this post, we are going to talk about the benefits of a dual-platform approach to social media marketing.

Why combine Facebook and Instagram?

With more than 1.4 billion people using Facebook, and an Instagram community of more than 400M, many retailers are now looking to reap the benefits of combining Facebook and Instagram in their marketing strategy.

Driftrock has worked with premium online menswear brand, Spoke, and luxury holiday retailers, Secret Escapes, to drive down their CPL and CPA with multi-platform marketing. Both retailers were interested in optimising the placement of their ads, so we conducted an experiment to see the benefit (if any) of rolling out your ads across both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

Combining both Facebook and Instagram brings more benefits than just increasing the number of users that see their ads. Not only does it increase the number of potential customers that brands can converse with, these potential customers are already highly-engaged, thanks to the granular Facebook Ads targeting, meaning that the adverts delivered are highly-relevant for the potential customer.

The campaign

Taking into account that Spoke wanted to increase their website conversions, and Secret Escapes wanted to increase lead generation, both brands partnered with us here at Driftrock to test the effect of running two ad sets with separate Facebook and Instagram placements vs running combined Facebook and Instagram placements in a single ad set. Both clients used lookalike audiences, to display to potential customers who shared traits with current customers and were likely interested in Spoke/Secret Escapes.

The results

Whilst using Facebook or Instagram as standalone campaigns worked well, providing a healthy CPA for Spoke, and a decent CPL for Secret Escapes, combining Facebook and Instagram provided exceptional results - a reduction in CPL of 18% and an 8% lower CPA for Secret Escapes, and a phenomenal 53% decrease in CPA for Spoke.

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