How to set up a Driftrock Lead Sync

Once you’ve created your form, it’s time to set up your lead sync so you can pass the leads collected onto your CRM.

  • Head to ‘Lead Sync’
  • Click ‘Create a new lead sync’ in the top right hand corner
  • Give your lead sync a name
  • Select the source i.e. channel
  • Select the form you’d like to sync
  • Select your CRM in the ‘Destination’ dropdown

CRM field mappings

Here you will map each of the questions you’re asking in the form to the fields in your CRM system.

On the left hand side  you enter the name of the CRM field and on the right hand side you enter the value you’d like to send there. 

  • If this value comes from a question in the form, enter the form field name enclosed in curly brackets e.g. {last_name}
  • If this value is static, i.e. all leads need to have this value, enter the value as is

Data Transformation

Driftrock can transform any value that comes through from your lead forms into values your CRM will accept.

For example you may be asking users to select a car model from a dropdown in the form. A user selects the value ‘Model A’, however we need to transform this into a model code for the CRM. 

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