Driftrock Segments allows you to segment and analyse your leads.

  1. Click on ‘Segments’ on the left hand side of the Dashboard

  2. Click the ‘Create a segment’ button

  3. Give your segment a name

  4. Add an event type, i.e. ‘Lead submitted’ 

  5. If you’d like to filter down further - select an attribute name to filter for i.e. ‘Campaign name’

  6. Click ‘Save segment’ to see the final count for your segment

Segment Insights

  1. Click on the segment you’d like to analyse

  2. Click on the pie chart icon to see segment insights

  3. Click the dropdown menu to select the attribute you’d like to analyse

If you ask lead qualifying questions in your lead forms and would like to filter for these or analyse users’ answers in Segment Insights, please get in touch with your Driftrock contact to get these added.

Multichannel Reports

Driftrock’s Multichannel Reports tool allows you to report on all of your lead sources in once place.

To get started, ensure you’ve created segments for each of the values you’d like to report on in Driftrock Segments.

  1. Click on ‘Reporting’ on the left hand side of the Dashboard.

  2. Under each column, select how you'd like to group your data e.g. Source, Marketing Campaign etc.

  3. You can also select the segment you’d like to add to the report from the dropdown.

  4. Set the date range in the top right hand corner

Downstream Tracking

With Driftrock you can track all of your lead gen sources, campaigns, ads and affiliates through to a purchase or conversion event.

To use this feature you must first be syncing leads through Driftrock to your CRM. To get started with Downstream Tracking, get in contact with your Account Manager to get your conversion data uploaded into Driftrock.

  1. Create your conversion segments in Driftrock Segments.

  2. To do this, select both events ‘Lead Submitted’ and ‘Conversion’ in your segment set up.

  3. In Multichannel Reports, add your conversion segment to your report.


You can also visualise your customers on a map in real-time using Driftrock’s Geo-analysis tool.

First, ensure you’re asking customers for their postcode in your forms, and that you’re storing this information in Driftrock Field Settings.

Then head to Geo-analysis in the Driftrock dashboard.

Select the Segment you’d like to view on a map.

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