If you are an admin on the page:

Head to the brand’s Facebook page, click Publishing Tools and then select Lead Forms Library from the left hand menu. Click Create to create your lead form.

If you are only a page advertiser:

Go to ads manager, create a lead gen objective campaign and then create your lead form at ad level.

Intro (optional)

Add this page to your form to give the user more information on what they are signing up for.

Intro text - you can set the layout of this text into either a paragraph or bullet points - note you can not have both!


Headline text - you can customise this or use Facebook’s default headline “Sign up by providing your info below”

What information would you like to ask for?

Click ‘Add new questions’ to add your questions.

  • Prefill questions - The answers to these will be pre-filled based on the information the user has already given to Facebook.

  • Custom questions - Request additional information from the user. E.g multiple choice questions;‘Select a car model’, or ‘Choose a course’

Privacy Policy

Input a link to your privacy policy.

Custom disclaimer

Add in your own custom terms and conditions by ticking “Add custom disclaimer”.

You can separate the custom disclaimer text into paragraphs and also add hyperlinks to it.

Add in consent boxes to ask people to explicitly agree to your disclaimer, or to opt into further marketing by channel.

You can make these consent boxes optional, or you can set it so the user has to tick a box to continue.

For more info on Facebook’s Privacy Principles, click here.

Thank you page

This is the screen the user will see once they have submitted your form:

Click through button

  • ‘View Website’, where the user is directed to a url of your choice

  • ‘Download’, directing your customer to the download of offered material

  • ‘Call business’, where the user can connect on a call to a number of your choice

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