Take advantage of YouTube's lead form feature and route your leads directly to Driftrock. Read on to find out how:

In Google, set up a new campaign, selecting Leads as the goal, and Video as the type.

Add a form via the lead form section of step one.

Build your form by completing steps 1 to 3 in the builder:

At step 4, you’ll need to connect your form to Driftrock. you’ll do this by using the “webhook” lead delivery option. You’ll need both a “webhook URL” and a “key”. 

In another browser window, head to Driftrock to create your lead list. Select YouTube
as the lead source, and your webhook URL and key will be displayed.

Proceed through the steps to set up your data mappings and save your lead list.

Head back to Google Ads and input the URL and key.

*You can select “send test data” to make sure this has been input correctly

Once you’re happy with your form, save and complete the remainder of your ad set up as normal, it's really that easy!

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