Has your LinkedIn ad campaign generated some fantastic leads that you'd like to sync directly into your CRM? Read on to learn how to set up a real-time sync using Driftrock Lead Sync:

Step 1:    Create your form in LinkedIn Campaign Manager as normal
Step 2:   Create a lead sync in Driftrock’s lead sync tool:

From the Driftrock dashboard, head to lead sync on the left menu, and click “Create a new Lead Sync":

Name: Name your sync (we suggest using the same name as your LinkedIn form)
Source type: LinkedIn Form
LinkedIn Form: Choose your form from the dropdown
Destination: Choose the CRM you wish to send your leads to

CRM Field Mappings:
Here we'll set up the sync to send the data a user inputs in response to each question in your form to a specific field in your CRM system. This is called data mapping.

Destination field = The field name within your CRM*
Value =
The name of the field within your LinkedIn form

*these will vary for each CRM, to find field names please refer to your CRM documentation

Please refer to the below for default LinkedIn values. These values must be entered within curly brackets e.g. {Full Name}:

First Name > {First name}
Last Name > {Last name}
Email > {Email address}
Phone number > {Phone number}
Work Phone Number > {Work phone number}
Work Email > {Work email}
City > {City}
Postcode > {Postal/Zip code}
Company > {Company name}
Company Industry > {Company}
Job Title > {Job title}
Job Function > {Function}
Job Seniority > {Seniority}
Custom Questions > {Custom question 0}, {Custom question 1}, {Custom question 2} – (These are numbered based on order of appearance on form)

Finally, click “Update Lead Sync” to save your lead list

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