Head over to the the new Driftrock dashboard ( and click on Audience nurturing on the left hand menu.

You’ll be welcomed by the Audience Sync dashboard:


To create a new sync, simply click the blue “setup a new sync” button in the top right corner.

Give your audience a name and select your CRM from the dropdown (the dropdown will display CRM’s currently connected to your Driftrock account – to connect a new CRM, please follow the “Check your connections” link).

Click submit.

Next, choose a segment to sync from the dropdown. This will show all segments that are present in your CRM.

Select the platform you would like to create an audience for using the dropdown (Facebook or Google).

Finally, select how often you’d like to sync your audiences – we recommend selecting the 3 hour option to keep your audiences as up to date as possible.

Click submit.

Voila, your new audience has been created! You will now be able to find this audience in the Audience Sync Dashboard 🎉


  • Click on the "+" sign on the sync to see additional information

  • Click on the three dots

  • You have the option to edit, delete and disable your sync here

*Deleting will remove the sync from Driftrock, but the audiences will still be available in Facebook/Google



Audience created and queued to be synced to selected channel.


Audience has completed syncing with selected channel.* Sync Completed column will be filled out with date/time of last sync. Records column will be populated to include no. of records in CRM segment.


Sync has failed.

*Please remember that once an audience has been synced with Google, Google’s customer match process can take up to 48 hours to complete. In Google Ads, your audience will show as “populating” until fully populated and ready to use.

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