What is Key Stats?

Key Stats is the number-one place for marketing teams to track and analyse key metrics that determine the success of their marketing across various channels. Once you have connected your accounts, you can compare and contrast the key stats associated with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. In order to see Key Stats, you need to have added your Facebook and LinkedIn Ad Accounts. 

How can I get value from Key Stats? 

The Pain Point: For marketing teams, spend is everything in determining the success and failures of their business. Traditionally, marketers will spend ages monitoring and tracking expenditure on spreadsheets, as they try and deduce which channel is most profitable. 

The Solution: Having one centralised, automatically-updating platform, that monitors and tracks spend on your behalf will save you a lot of time and effort. Being able to easily log-in and see your key stats allows you to optimise your marketing towards the most fruitful channel. 

How do I get the best out of Key Stats?

If you are a marketing team that wants to find-out how much you have spent over certain time periods, through Key Stats, you can toggle and filter your Key Stats over bespoke time periods. Please reference the video below to see how ↓

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