What is Segments Overlap?

Segments Overlap allows you to segment your leads based on their source, or on their answers to the questions you asked in Facebook Lead Ads / LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. For example, If you have asked "When are you looking to purchase?", you can segment leads by their answers: 3 months // 6 months // 9 months // 12 months. 

How can I get value from Segments Overlap?

The Pain Point: For marketing teams, problems arise when they assess what happens to each lead once it has hit the funnel. Marketers will often see an alarming 'drop-off' rate of leads, and have little insight into how to resurrect that.

The Solution: Segmenting leads, based upon their stage in the funnel, allows marketers to serve each lead the right advert based upon their stage in the customer lifecycle. Segments allow businesses to nurture people through to a point of sale, and reduce the 'drop-off' rate of leads that have already hit the funnel. 

How does it work?

  • Make sure you are on your Dashboard page, and scroll down to Segments Overlap.
  • Start by selecting various segments, and visualise the correlation of leads throughout. 
  • Please see the video below for a guide through ↓

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